Educational Support

MDEIP Early Childhood Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants deliver educational services to support the development of foundation skills to enable each child to successfully transition into Early Education Centres including Preschools, Long Day Care, Family Day Care, Play Groups and ultimately, Kindergarten placements in the most appropriate School setting.

MDEIP Educators support each child’s development of skills to effectively engage in everyday family, social and community situations such as shopping, swimming lessons, birthday parties, visits to the park and their sibling’s School Assemblies.

MDEIP Educators provide a safe non-threatening environment, small groups, the best possible child to Educator ratio and intense individualised interactions and learning experiences for each child with a focus on

  • language and communication skills
  • the implementation of alternative augmentative communication (AACs) such as visuals, key word signing and adapted technology
  • self-help and independence
  • cognitive skills
  • social and emotional progress
  • fine and gross motor skills, and
  • each child’s individual Transition To School (TTS) plan

MDEIP Early Childhood Teachers offer an holistic outreach service to support staff in a child’s mainstream Early Education Centre as MDEIP Educators provide positive strategies, behaviour modification, collaboratively-determined goals, observations, data collection, reports and at times and most importantly, incidental counselling.

MDEIP Educators work with our Therapists and relevant professionals including the child’s Early Education Centre staff to ensure consistency, collaboration and continuity which are underpinned by MDEIP’s Team Around the Child (TAC) model of service.

MDEIP Outreach Program

MDEIP Early Learning Group