• Statement from Director of Services

    To our MDEIP Parents and Carers. 

    I am writing today (Monday 16 October 2017) to affirm that MDEIP Therapists always invite our parents and carers to come into their children’s Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology sessions in the designated Therapy Room or Sensory Gym as all MDEIP staff members firmly believe that the active participation of our parents and carers in their children’s Therapy sessions is critically important so that our parents and carers are able to continue with treatment activities and introduce them into their daily life at home before their children’s next scheduled Therapy sessions.

    All MDEIP staff members agree that parents and carers are our children’s primary educators as parents and carers are a constant in their children’s lives whilst our Therapists work with children on a fortnightly or perhaps weekly basis.

    All MDEIP staff members agree that when our parents and carers are involved in Therapy sessions, they are more comfortable to give valuable feedback to our Therapists and regular advice and comments help our Therapists to determine the next steps in our children’s Therapy process whilst assisting our Therapists to ascertain what is working well for our children and their families and what is not working well and may need to be adjusted.

    On occasion, of course, individual parents and carers may discuss with their child’s Therapist that the Therapy sessions may be more successful without the presence of the child’s parents and carers in the Therapy Room or Sensory Gym in which case our Therapist will provide them with the option of sitting outside the Therapy Room or Sensory Gym to observe the child’s Therapy session through the window or glass wall.

    When this decision is agreed upon, our Therapist will include this discussion and decision in the child’s MDEIP progress notes.

    All MDEIP staff members agree that when our parents and carers are working together, the best possible outcomes result for our children therefore our Therapists always encourage our parents and carers to sit in on their children’s Therapy sessions.

    Kind regards
    Pamela Templeton
    Director of Services
    Mater Dei Early Intervention Program 

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