What is the National DIsability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

‘The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a radical way of funding disability services and supports in Australia’

‘The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability and their families/carers are supported in Australia’

‘The NDIS reforms will see the disability sector moving away from eight State/Territory funding schemes to one national uniform scheme’

‘The NDIS will change from ADHC Government block funding of disability Service Providers such as MDEIP to individualised funding for people with disabilities based on individual needs assessments and not dependent on a diagnosis’

‘The NDIS will be a legislatively guaranteed insurance model whereby all Australians who meet the eligibility criteria will be legally entitled to NDIS funding for all necessary and reasonable supports’

‘By allocating funding for disability services and supports to people with disabilities themselves rather than to Service Provider organisations such as MDEIP and by introducing individualised funding packages the NDIS aims to ensure that Australians with disability (and their families/carers where relevant) enjoy far greater choice and control over all necessary services and supports’

Is it NDS/ NDIS/ NDIA ???
•    NDS = National Disability Services (NDS) which began 70 years ago is Australia’s peak body for non-government disability service organisations
•    More than 990 NDS members such as MDEIP operate several thousand services for Australians with all types of disability and NDS members range in size from small groups to large multi-service organisations
•    NDS’ purpose is to promote quality service provision and life opportunities for Australians with disability
•    NDIS = The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports Australians with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities
•    The NDIS will focus on early intervention (ei and EI) to reduce the impact of disability on the child, their young person and their family/carer
•    The NDIS promotes choice and control about how, when and where supports are provided
•    NDIA = The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency whose role is to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which will support a better life for Australians with a significant and permanent disability as well as their families/carers
•    Regional NDIA offices have already been established in each of the trial sites eg Penrith NDIA office
•    Participants meet the Planner in the NDIA office

The Participant
•    The participant is a child, young person or adult who has been deemed eligible to access the NDIS
•    The NDIA Planner will work with the participant to identify reasonable and necessary supports such as therapy, equipment, home modifications, mobility equipment and other forms of assistance including NDIS funding that are needed for the participant to achieve their goals in many aspects of daily life including communication, personal care, education, community access, health, wellbeing, leisure, sport and recreational activities

The Planner
•    The Planner is employed by the NDIA, works in and from NDIA offices and carries out a participant’s assessments using a functional assessment designed to ensure consistency, fairness and objectivity
•    The Planner works with the participant who has met the NDIS eligibility criteria, their family/carer to discuss their needs, goals, aspirations and current supports and to determine reasonable and necessary supports that are tailored to the participant’s individual needs to help the participant achieve their goals