Our Team

Pamela Templeton
Director of Services

Pamela began teaching in 1970 as an Infants teacher and has taught in NSW, the Commonwealth, Queensland and Northern Territory public and Systemic Catholic education sectors. She is accredited with the Teachers Certificate, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma in Arts (Leadership and Religious Education), Graduate Certificate in Special Education and is currently undertaking studies for a Masters in Inclusive Education in Autism.

Pamela has taught at Mater Dei since 1995 and was appointed Assistant Principal in 1998. Pamela commenced as Director of Services in 2011.

Holly Bradley
Speech Pathologist


Ruth Brown
Teacher’s Assistant

Ruth holds a Diploma in Community Services (Children’s Services) and has more than fifteen years’ experience in Early Childhood. She has worked in many settings including Long Day Care Centres, Preschools and Creches and during the last five years has specialised in working with children who have been assessed and diagnosed with additional needs.  Ruth works closely with all members of the MDEIP Team to provide for every child and their family and carers. She has participated in many professional development courses and has a strong passion for children with special needs.

Ruth feels that she learns as much from the children as they learn from her. She looks forward to continuing the exciting challenge of working in the Mater Dei Early Intervention Program.

Alycia Cantrill
Occupational Therapist

Alycia joined the MDEIP Team in 2015 after graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Honours Class 1 from The University of Sydney. Alycia enjoys collaborating with the Speech Pathologists and Educators to develop and implement holistic parent-delivered treatment approaches which meet the child’s individual needs and interests ensuring therapy is as effective, meaningful and fun as possible. Alycia values evidence-based practice and ongoing professional development. Alycia is involved with research focusing on social play development for children with ADHD. Alycia has also completed training in areas including Feeding, Toileting, Sensory Processing, Therapeutic Listening, Hanen – It takes Two to Talk and DIR-Floortime. Alycia is passionate about supporting her children and families to reach their full potential and loves the smiles and laughs they give her every day.


Rebecca Collins
Administration Assistant


Jackie Harris
Speech Pathologist

Jackie joins the Mater Dei Early Intervention Program team to commence 2016 Term One with a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences as well as a Masters of Speech and Language Pathology from Macquarie University. Jackie has a special interest in working with children with additional needs and is passionate about providing a holistic service to these children, their parents and carers. Jackie plans to undertake further professional development during 2016 to build on her original training, skills and understanding. Jackie is keenly committed to creating fun and meaningful Therapy sessions for our babies, toddlers and children whilst guiding, supporting and empowering their families and carers. 

Karen Kelly
Early Childhood Teacher

Karen’s role in the Mater Dei Early Intervention Program is that of an Early Childhood teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and a Certificate of Special Education (Learning Difficulties).   Karen implements and evaluates educational programs based on observations of children’s individual needs, skills and abilities. She also provides a comprehensive School transition program. Karen works closely with other team members to set and work towards goals that are practical and achievable, across all developmental areas. She liaises closely with Preschools, Long Day Care Centres and other outside agencies to provide professional support, collaboration and a link between services.

Karen is passionate about children with additional needs and is dedicated to providing an inclusive learning environment where children and their families feel confident, secure and supported.

Rebecca Lang
Occupational Therapist


Claire Madrill
Administration Assistant

Claire has been working with the Mater Dei Early Intervention Program since March 2014 in Administration, at times as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Early Learning Groups and assisting Early Childhood Teacher, Karen Kelly, in the Learn to Play Group on a monthly basis. Claire has attained a Certificate IV in Disability, Certificate III in Aged Care and is a 3rd Year Registered Nurse student.

Claire thoroughly appreciates the privilege of working with all of the children and families in the MDEIP, taking much pleasure and satisfaction in witnessing our children’s achievements sometimes after experiencing the highs and the lows of the journey. Claire trusts that listening, assisting and supporting our children’s families and carers exemplifies what the MDEIP team stands for as a lighthouse in our own communities.

Rebecca McCarthy
Occupational Therapist

Rebecca joined the MDEIP Team in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science/Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2015. Rebecca has always had the passion and drive to work with children and their families. She has previously worked in a key worker roll collaborating closely with Speech Pathologists and Early Childhood educators to develop and implement holistic parent and carer-delivered treatment approaches to meet the child’s individual needs and interests. Rebecca has completed training in areas including sensory processing, behaviour, toileting, and social and emotional skills. She enjoys coming to work to create a fun learning environment to allow her children to reach their full potential.


Belinda Morgan
Early Childhood Teacher

Belinda is an Early Childhood Teacher and an integral member of the MDEIP NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Transitional Provider team. She has over twenty years’ experience working with children in a range of different settings including Child Protection, Preschool, Long Day Care and Early Intervention.  At MDEIP Belinda implements a sessional program called Early Learning Groups, conducts NDIS planning meetings for children from birth to 7 years of age and provides professional support to Early Learning Services through the Mater Dei Early Intervention Outreach Program. 
The focus of Belinda’s work is to support children and their families to build community inclusion through supporting the child’s learning and development and supporting the parents/carers to access appropriate services. She believes children reach their full potential when they have a sense of belonging within their community.



Joanne Patterson
Early Childhood Teacher

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and has more than twelve years’ experience in teaching children in Long Day Care and Early Intervention environments. 

At Mater Dei Early Intervention Program (MDEIP) Joanne implements Early Learning Groups, creating an inclusive learning environment. Joanne facilitates programs that allow the children to learn through play and to feel comfortable and supported in their environment.  

Joanne works closely with and supports the children and their families in achieving desired goals and outcomes, including successfully transitioning the children to School.  Joanne is passionate about Early Childhood Education and development. She is dedicated to teaching children and assisting them in becoming confident and involved learners and members of their own local communities. 

Kirsten Pilgrim
Speech Pathologist


Amy Thompson
Occupational Therapist

Amy Thompson graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) from The University of Sydney. Amy also holds a Certificate in Special Education (behaviour problems) from Macquarie University. Amy commenced in the Mater Dei Early Intervention Program in 2011 after gaining experiencing from working in a dual role as an Occupational Therapist and a Behaviour Consultant. Amy takes pride in working in collaboration with other disciplines and educators to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people and their families.
Amy is constantly thriving to improve her professional development. She has training in feeding problems such as the SOS Approach to Feeding, sensory integration protocols including Therapeutical Listening and Willbarger Therapressure Protocol and general skill development such as fine motor, handwriting and self-care skills. Amy enjoys the opportunity to empower families with strategies to ensure that they are as happy and successful as they can be..

Kim Watson
Teacher's Assistant

Kim joined MDEIP as a Teacher’s Assistant in April 2016. She holds a Child Care Aide Certificate and has over 30 years’ experience working in a variety of child care environments including Long Day Care Centres, Preschools, Home-Based Care and Crèche settings.

Kim’s role is to assist our Early Childhood Teachers and children in our daily Early Learning Groups. Kim enjoys building meaningful relationships with our children and their parents and caregivers whilst supporting our children to master their developing skills and gain greater self-confidence in various aspects of their Early Education. Kim has a warm and friendly nature and ensures our children feel comfortable and secure whilst attending their Early Learning Groups. Being a member of the MDEIP Team has provided Kim with deeper insight and understanding of children with developmental delay and disabilities. Kim is continuing to enjoy her challenging yet rewarding role and looks forward to working with our children and their families.