MDEIP recognises that a child with a disability is a child first and foremost, rich in potential and with the right to receive a service that is designed and provided to support the child to meet their individual needs and goalsMDEIP understands and supports the principles of fairness and human rights in all aspects of service delivery

MDEIP values and respects a child’s cultural and religious sensitivities

MDEIP ensures that our services are provided in a community free from any form of discrimination

MDEIP seeks the input of families, carers and advocates and encourages them to provide feedback, suggestions and recommendations which we welcome as a source of ideas for improving our services and activities

MDEIP accepts, respects, considers and resolves all complaints that we receive ensuring privacy, confidentiality, advocacy when necessary, support and timely resolution for the complainant

MDEIP is committed to providing a safe environment by ensuring that we are prepared for fire and other emergencies that may endanger life and property.  Please click here to see MDEIP's Fire Evacuation and Lockdown Procedure Brochure.

Smoking is prohibited in all Mater Dei designated buildings and surrounding areas

Click on the links below to download the relevant brochure:

Client Rights Brochure

Feedback Brochure

MDEIP List of Policies

Should you wish to view any of the following policies, please feel free to contact the MDEIP Office by telephone or by email.

Access to Confidential Information
Seek and Release Information
Client Records
Client Safety & Security
Protection of Human Rights, Freedom from Abuse
Client Rights
Client Rights
Managing Challenging Behaviour
Behaviour Management Guidelines (In School)
Managing Grievance & Disputes
Action Plan Complaints, Disputes and Grievance
Complaints Register
Managing Complaints
Complaints, Grievance, Disputes
Client Feedback
Client Feedback Register
Child Protection
Professional Ethics & Conduct
School Medication
Code of Conduct
Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying
Home Visits
Living Skills Program Medication
Duty of Care
Providing Client Advocacy and Support
Authority to Act as Advocate
Managing Conduct and Performance
Managing Poor Performance
Living Skills Program Inclusion Opportunity Statement
Juvenile Justice Statement
LSP Daily Report
File Notes
Skin Integrity
Emergency Medical Information
Permission to Photograph
Incidents Injury and Illness
Incident Register
Participation and Social Inclusion
Decision Making and Choice
Service Planning Process-Review
Policy Development and Approval
Valued Status
Family Relationships
Individual Planning and Outcomes
Work Health and Safety
Insurance management
Organisational Risk Management
Insurance Checklist
Access to Living Skills Program
Access to Early Intervention Program
Early Intervention Program Service Information
Living Skills Program Service Information
Case Management
Transition or Exit from Early Intervention Program
Transition or Exit from Living Skills Program
Community Access- Living Skills Program
Death or Critical Incident
Early Intervention Program Intake and Referral
Living Skills Program Intake
Accountant Practices
Audit Process
Board Review
Directors Selection, Appointment and Cessation
Reporting Protocols
Execution of Document Protocol
Social Networking
Internal Controls
Information Technology Computer Telephone Code of Use
Sun Protection
First Aid
Cultural Safety and Awareness
Interagency Collaboration and Coordination
Case Plan
Client Involvement
Quality Monitor
Financial Management Delegations
Financial Management Payments
WHS Compliance Register
Staff Recruitment-Interview and Screening
Staff Recruitment-Induction and Orientation
Staff Recruitment-Exit Interview
Staff Entitlements-Annual, Sick, Other Leave
Staff Entitlements-Employee Assistance Program
Staff Flexible Working Arrangement
Staff Development and Training
Performance Management and Review
Workforce Development and Planning
EEO, Equity and Diversity
Staff Skills Audit
Organisational Risk Management and Compliance Protocol
Board of Directors Operational Practice Review
Constitutional Check
Delegations Chart
Financial Management Report Template
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Template
Compliance Register
Organisational Performance Framework
Planning Direction Setting and Impact Analysis
Workplace Health and Safety Planner
Board Meeting Report Summary Sheet
Board Role and Responsibilities
Board Meetings
Board Performance Appraisal
Leadership Continuity and Accountability
Senior Staff Positions
Strategic Planning
Budget Management and Monitoring
Monitoring Legal Compliance
Financial Management
Fire Safety
Emergency Procedures
Managing Contracts and Funding Agreements
Internal Reporting
Service Scope and Planning