Sample NDIS Plan

Simon's NDIS Plan (sample only)

Part 1: About me
Where I live and the people I live with
•    I live at home with my parents, Sue and John, and my sister Stephanie in Hamilton.
•    People in my life who support me
•    Mum and Dad support me with all my everyday needs including personal care and hygiene, communication and accessing the community.
•    My daily life
•    I attend Hamilton Primary School. I go to and from School in a Taxi. I participate in soccer, swimming and drumming classes.
Part 2: My Goals
•    My first goal is: to develop expressive and receptive language skills in order to communicate my feelings, needs and wants effectively with others.
•    During this plan I want: a Speech Pathologist who will conduct an assessment and provide recommendations regarding ongoing support and/or assistive technology.
•    During this plan I want: my parents to continue to provide support both at home and out in the community.
•    My second goal is: My third goal is:
•    My fourth goal is: My fifth goal is:
Part 3: My Supports
•    Family and friends (informal support) = Mum, Dad, Grandmother
•    My parents provide strong continuous support both at home and in the community and my Gran helps whenever she can.
•    Services and community groups (community and mainstream support) = health, mental health, Schools, community groups, sporting or hobby clubs, other Government services)
•    I am enrolled in Support Class Autism at Hamilton Primary School and have Taxi transport each day therefore I will receive additional support from Hamilton Primary School and the Department of Education.

NDIS reasonable and necessary support budgets:

  • Assistance with daily life at home, in the community, education and at work Budget $ 1 200.00
  • Improved daily living skills Budget $5 445.00
  • Assistive technology Budget $200.00
  • Increased social and community participation Budget $8 435.00

TOTAL NDIS PLAN AMOUNT Budget $15 280.00