Speech Pathology

MDEIP provides Speech Pathology (SP) services for a child who has communication difficulties which may include:

  • difficulty with understanding the spoken language
  • difficulty with the use of words and sentences at the appropriate level
  • issues relating to voice quality
  • stuttering
  • difficulty with the use of speech sounds
  • difficulty with maintaining attention
  • the social use of language, and
  • a range of feeding difficulties


MDEIP Speech Pathologists offer a choice of services including:

  • initial and ongoing discussions regarding your concerns
  • appropriate assessments as they are needed
  • clear determination of your child’s goals and options
  • parent/carer training with the teaching and learning of new skills to use at home
  • visual support systems and educational resources
  • individual and small group therapy sessions
  • liaison with the child’s Early Education Centre and receiving School during the child’s Transition To School plan

MDEIP Speech Pathologists work in collaboration with our Occupational Therapists and Early Childhood Teachers to ensure an individualised, holistic and person-centred approach to intervention.

Click here to download our Speech Pathology Services brochure.