The Assessment Process

How does the NDIS assessment process work?
•    A series of eligibility and planning assessments will be used to determine allocated funding including
•    an eligibility assessment to determine whether a person is eligible for NDIS funding, and if so
•    a planning assessment to determine a person’s goals and aspirations and then to design an individualised NDIS funding package to help the participant achieve those goals’

The Planner and the Participant
‘One of the NDIA central principles is that the Planner, the participant and their family/carer work together to identify what current and future supports will be required to make progress on the participant’s goals resulting in a Statement of Participant’s Supports that sets out the supports to be provided and funded by NDIS based on what is considered reasonable and necessary to enable a good life and which could involve one-off or ongoing NDIS funding’

How will an NDIS package be determined?
•    ‘A key principle underpinning the design of the NDIS is to give Australians with disability far greater choice and control over their supports and services that they receive’
•    Participants, their families/carers can choose the Service Provider such as MDEIP that they wish to provide the supports identified in their NDIS package and participants are free to change Service Providers who do not adequately meet their needs’

What happens if my child is deemed ineligible?
•    ‘People ineligible for an individualised NDIS funding package can still get general advice and information from NDIA’
•    ‘For people whose application is unsuccessful there is also a formal review and appeals process with an internal review process as a first step followed if necessary with full rights of appeal to the Commonwealth Government’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal’

Do we have to have go through another assessment?
•    An initial assessment by NDIA staff is necessary to help determine the participant’s eligibility for the NDIS and then to confirm their support plan and funding
•    Once deemed eligible in the NDIS the participant will not need to once again prove their eligibility
•    Each plan will include a monitoring and review timetable to accommodate future changes and adjustments in the participant’s needs and circumstances