What Happens Now?

MDEIP has already
•    facilitated NDIS services for participants who have their approved NDIS funding packages from current roll out areas
•    become an Organisational Member of National Disability Services
•    made application to become a registered NDS Service Provider
MDEIP will
•    keep well-informed of all NDIS news
•    forward all important adjustments and NDIS updated information to you and answer your questions
•    help MDEIP families/carers to be totally prepared for your child’s meeting with the Planner by assisting with your pre-planning
•    work for you and walk with you as your child transitions to the NDIS

What has already happened?
•    17 093 participants have funded supports in their approved NDIS plans
•    $952m has been committed to participants
•    58% of NDIS plans were approved within 90 days of access request with the Planner
•    1 667 (7%) people were deemed ineligible for NDIS packages
•    Children with HCWA or BSI funding or Medicare plans continue to use that funding until their NDIS funding is approved

How soon can you access the NDIS in South West Sydney?
The NDIS has been grouped into three categories or types of support therefore when you will receive the NDIS will depend on the supports (if any) that you currently receive
1. Specialist disability supports including living in shared supported accommodation, accessing a community access service (a day program) or case management service = will be able to access the NDIS in the first six months + will not need to apply for access to the NDIS + will go through a simplified access process
2. Specialist disability supports from time to time or for a short period of time each week including respite or a community program = will be able to access the NDIS throughout the two year roll out period + if currently receiving respite will go through a simplified access process + if receiving community care services will be supported to apply for access to the NDIS
3. New participants who do not currently receive specialist disability supports from NSW Government = will have opportunity to access the NDIS when it starts if they are in immediate need of assistance