Who is Eligible?

The NDIS will operate within a range of eligibility criteria including
Age: between 0>64 yoa because at 65 yoa participants will now transfer to Aged Care Support
Disability Requirement: assessment will be based on the impact of the participant’s disability on their functional capacity to communicate, interact socially, learn, move safely around their home and the built environment and manage their personal care and affairs including banking, paying bills etc for adults

Early intervention (EI) is
(i) the best way of providing specialised support and services
(ii) a key feature of the NDIS and
(iii) for both children, young people and adults

A child from 0>6 yoa with developmental delay or disability; or

A young person from 7>17 yoa or an adult from 18>64 yoa

•    with one/more identified intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairments that are (or are likely to be) permanent, or
•    with one/more identified impairments that are attributable to a psychiatric condition and are (or are likely to be) permanent

To access the NDIS a child, young person or adult must have a permanent disability
•    which has significant impact on their every day life and their ability to participate in the community
•    which will need ongoing supports and there is evidence that receiving supports will help reduce the level of support needed now and in the future or
•    will assist the families/carers to keep providing support

Early Childhood Intervention (EI) will
•    increase the child’s functional capacity
•    reduce the level of disability or impairment
•    help the child achieve greater independence
•    increase the child’s opportunity for social, economic and community participation, and
•    result in evidence-based interventions


A permanent impairment for a child from 0>6 yoa includes but is not limited to a diagnosis of
•    Intellectual Disability, GDD
•    an ASD, Albinism, Angelman
•    Cerebral Palsy, Cornelia de Lange
•    Deafblindness, Down, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Dwarfism
•    Foetal Alcohol, Fragile X, Huler
•    Kabuki, Leigh, Microcephaly
•    Prader-Willi, Rett, Spina bifida and Williams syndromes